Islam under fire

The last 24 hours have seen unrest in Sydney caused on religious grounds, the likes of which I have not seen before in my life. Most people will be aware that the protests stem from a particularly offensive depiction of the prophet Mohammed by a western film. What appears to have started as a peaceful protest turned violent, and police intervened.

Updating your Dev environment for Mountain Lion

Recently Apple released the Gold Master of Mountain Lion. Those of us with Developer access may have been fortunate (ready silly) enough to download it and start to play with it. As far as I know everyone that does this installs on a brand now test system so that they can find all of the things that change, before they start work on their production machine (ahem!).

So, if, like me, you have found yourself upgrading this post might help you shortcut some of the things that took me a while. My developer life uses the following tools regularly:

Migrating vpopmail database to Postfix + mysql

Recently I've had the (pleasure?) of beginning a migration from a 9 year old qmailrocks vpopmail installation to a more modern Dovecot/postfix installation. There are a number of little things that exist in this world to create headaches, but this quick blog post is really just to share a script I think other people will find useful.

As a quick overview, our migration is taking a few steps:


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