Product Information

Product Information

Make Mail really fast

In my ever growing quest to find ways to optimise the performance of my machine, I've come across a few nice little tools in the last few days that I need to share. Hawk Wings has posted a lovely instruction set on how to "vacuum" your Mail Envelope Index and speed up Mail. I was skeptical, and then I did it on my G5 and switching mailboxes went from taking 20 seconds per mail box to around 2. On my MacBook Pro, I have seen a quantifiable 20% performance increase in mail's responsiveness and activity. Now That's fast :-) 

Creating a Windows XP Service Pack 2 Install Disk for Boot Camp

It is possible to create a Windows XP Service Pack 2 install disk from a Windows XP SP1 or vanilla disk. This is particularly valuable if you have a Volume License, and can only obtain the original Windows XP install disk. This will allow you to install Windows in Boot Camp on your new shiny Intel Mac, purchased from Real World Technology Solutions, an Authorised Apple Reseller!

Has anyone else noticed...??

It seems that after an extended absense of updates to Office 2004 for Apple OSX, we are now getting an update every week. What's going on!  Oh - Real World Technology Solutions (my consulting business) has become an Authorised Apple Solutions Reseller. Buy your Apple hardware and software from me!


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