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It's not every day...

It's not every day you get to spend enjoying the Hunter Valley at someone else's expense, but today was one of those days for Bess and I. StoneBridge Computing (a division of Real World Technology ) was apparently one of the top AMD resellers in March, and so AMD and one of our suppliers sent us with a handful of other companies to the Scenic Hunter Valley for lunch, some wine tasting and cheese! Even we need to take a break some times...

I just found the coolest most helpful site for funky Ajax work. lets you create funky Ajax loading images really (I mean really) easily.

It's interesting that... is an alias domain for Microsoft. Some might say very apt. What's more interesting is that Google has spidered Microsoft's website from this URL, and it has a higher ranking when you search for IAS Server (Internet Authentication Server - Microsoft's RADIUS/etc implementation).


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